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Exhibitors news 2015


New 3 points micrometers XT3

Bowers New XT3 bore gauge incorporates an ergonomic pistol grip handle with an advanced trigger action, giving the user the advantages of both speed of operation and a constant measuring pressure. The clear digital display, superior IP65 electronics and application range of 2 to 300mm ensures ease of use and assured accuracy.

The XT Holematic pistol grip range of bore gauges can be supplied as individual instruments or in complete sets. All XT instruments give the user the advantage of extended measuring travel with fixed anvils and UKAS certification of both measuring head and setting ring as standard.

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The place to be to develop your business in France!

Bresle Maritime environmental business park: The business park in the Northwest of France with a double certification of high environmental quality, situated within internationally operating companies.
The park is managed with a sustainable development logic: (a double environmental label : ISO 14001 certified and EMAS registered since 2003). Also high speed optical fiber connection guarantee.
Placed between Normandy and Picardy, on the axis Belgium / Spain, near Paris, London and Brussels. The place for your industrial, craft or tertiary activities ! More information

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New Laser 3D at FAYOLLE SAS

The company FAYOLLE SAS invests in a TruLaser Cell 7020 in order to offer its customers even more possibilities for laser welding and laser cutting 5 axes / 3D not only on conventional materials: steel, aluminum and stainless steel, but also copper and brass.

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Filame Group extends its metal sheet division

The Filame Group has completed the acquisisition of the Evinox company in Stavelot (Belgium). Evinox is specialized in metal bending and owns 2 punching machines centers and hydraulic presses of 300 T, 800 T and 7000 T.

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Clevis with additional thread makes anti-rotation mounting possible

Clevises and clevis joints from mbo Osswald are now available with a further option, an additional thread. This makes it possible to mount clevises without rotation.

The new clevises with additional thread are the right choice for all applications in which the clevis, as well as performing its function as a load-transmitting element, is to be secured against rotating. This clevis variant is additionally located with a threaded pin in accordance with DIN 913/DIN EN ISO 4026 and is therefore securely installed.

The specialist in mechanical linking elements mbo Osswald has extended its standard product range to include a further product series for this purpose. As of now selected clevises with M12 to M36 connecting threads are available directly from stock from a quantity of one upwards. These can be purchased as a single part or also as a complete clevis joint. Naturally it is also possible to produce further sizes of DIN 71752/DIN ISO 8140 clevises with additional thread.

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We are into manufacturing of small and precision metal ( low alloy steel & stainless steels ) parts through Metal Injection Moulding ( ( MIM ) technology. The parts that we manufacture weigh from half a gram to a hundred grams. The parts that we manufacture cater to a wide cross section of applications like lock parts , spectacle hinges , medical surgical parts , knee implants , medical orthodontic brackets for the teeth , bathroom shower parts , automobile parts , firearm parts etc etc.

MIM is a excellent choice to manufacture parts that weigh upto a hundred grams and have complex geometry.

Our plant is located in Bangalore , India. We are a ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company.

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Manufacturing and modifying of shipping containers and shelters. Engineering, design of products and modelling of accomodations. Laser cutting of sub-assemblies and positionning on containers by qualified teams.

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Turning of Micro components upto Dia. 25mm employing CNC Swiss type Sliding Headstock Machines

PA PINIONS is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified leading mid-size manufacturer and exporter
of highly precision micro components from CNC SWISS Type turning for Medical, Automotive and Printer industries and supplying parts to the major Giants of respective field.

ACTIVITIES : Screw Cutting , Complex milling, Gear Hobbing,Plastic Injection Moulding, Sheet Metal & Tool Room

INDUSTRY SERVED - Watch Industry, Micro Motors, Micro Gear Heads ,Dental Hand piece, Electrical Contacts, Inkjet Printers

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Makoya Meters- Your Online Electricity Meter Reading Solution

Makoya Meters are the new online electricity meter reading solution for all your domestic, commercial and industrial usage. Problems associated with access, estimations, high bills, energy saving and inaccurate readings are a thing of the past. All information pertaining to the electricity consumption are captured online, on-time and sent to your laptop or cellphone with graphics, and kept on a cloud for a period of 5 years. This is a first in getting the service provider and client to agree on details of the meter reading details. Contact us for more information and orders on www.phuzamanzi.co.za

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CHRocodile MTTL: 3D optical measurement with embedded vision system

“See What You Measure!”
By combining a vision system to the chromatic confocal non-contact measurement method, the CHRocodile MTTL sensor allows the operator to visualize the picture all around the point to be checked. This tool extremely easy to use for measuring elevation (Z altitude or thickness) has unique performance of the range of products CHRocodile with a millimetric measuring range (8 mm), a very high resolution (0,4μm) and an excellent repeatability.

On a measuring table, the CHRocodile MTTL sensor provides access to the measurement of any materials not possible with mechanical comparators: soft, extra-thin, flexible, fragile, precious, liquid, wet,...

Eliminating the problem of pressure of the plunger of the touch-probe, the measurement is made without any contact and works perfectly with any kind of materials. With a transparent sample, the sensor measures an absolute thickness (0.25mm to 12mm) in addition to the distance measurement.

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New turning center

Last April, Sachot invested in a new tunring center (Nakamura NTY3).

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Software AD unveils predictive maintenance blueprint for the digital business platform

• Monitors all performance aspects of equipment for field service automation
• Delivers flawless field service by turning events into actionable field service requests
• Aggregates real-time performance data to enable dynamic predictions

Reston, VA, 9/15/2015

Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today unveiled a Predictive Maintenance blueprint for its Digital Business Platform. The new blueprint for the Digital Business Platform extends unparalleled remote asset maintenance and service to Software AG’s Predictive Maintenance capability with ServiceMax’s field service management solution.

With access to ServiceMax's field service platform, Software AG customers currently using the predictive maintenance capabilities on the Digital Business Platform, can now turn monitoring into action. The Digital Business Platform connects to any sensored gateway, pulling all equipment sensor data, performing real-time analysis and generating customized alerts. These alerts are then sent to the ServiceMax platform where they are turned into work orders. Once created, the work orders are delivered to coordinating service technicians in the field. This complete offering ensures that any company seeking to increase the effectiveness of its maintenance services will be able to do so with one integrated platform that combines best of breed technology and expertise.

Software AG's solution for predictive maintenance exploits the Internet of Things by continuously analyzing real-time equipment sensor data via machine monitoring to understand when maintenance will be required. Technician locations are coupled with replacement and repair equipment availability and job completion time to identify the best technician available to perform the needed service during a scheduled downtime. By predicting remaining useful life of machinery and specific components, equipment manufacturers are able to schedule technicians earlier and order consumables and replacement components before customers even know they are needed.

Dave Yarnold, CEO, ServiceMax, said: "ServiceMax's partnership with Software AG will add immense value to the ServiceMax platform and underscores the Internet of Things' incalculable impact on the future of field service automation. We're very excited to be able to provide our customers with a predictive maintenance platform that will enable them to boost operational efficiency with end-to-end control for field service."

Sean Rileya, Global Manufacturing & Logistics Director, Software AG, said: "As the Internet of Things becomes increasingly intertwined with the way people live and work, proactive and predictive service will be a critical differentiator driving real business value. The key to predictive asset maintenance is its ability to act upon the results of real-time analysis and communicate reliable expectations to the parties involved in maintenance services' efforts. With the Predictive Maintenance blueprint, maintenance program managers can capture, analyze, aggregate and act upon streaming IoT data in order to maximize equipment uptime, quality performance and yield. It's a tremendous competitive edge."

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Register today for MaxLive Europe in Paris, the FIELD SERVICE event in Paris. November 3rd and 4th!

ELEVATE FIELD SERVICE at MAXLIVE EUROPE - 3rd and 4th November, Paris

MaxLive Europe brings together innovative field service professionals who want to learn new strategies that define the new era of field service, experience the technology that enables these new strategies, and learn how to apply it to their business issues. Visit the MaxLive website: http://ow.ly/SfRRD to look at the agenda.

Register today http://ow.ly/SfRDQ to make sure you hear the Field Service story of Sony, Schneider Electric, Elekta, QubeGB and many more. Also, come meet Kevin Ashton the founder of IoT (Internet of Things).

More info at http://servicemax.com/

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The Port of Cherbourg selects Coswin 8i!

The Port of Cherbourg has chosen Coswin 8i CMMS software to manage its maintenance.

About the Port of Cherbourg:
PNA, as owner and manager of the Port of Cherbourg since the 1st of January 2007, is the Port Authority for it. As delegating Authority for its public-service missions, PNA chooses assignees and concessionaires to conduct operations and ensure the use of equipment within the Port of Cherbourg. In 2009 the concession has been attributed to Port de Cherbourg SAS. Providing all at one the management of the port of goods and the transportation of passengers, Port de Cherbourg SAS is co-managed by Cherbourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

For more information :
Port of Cherbourg
Ports of Normandy

Coswin is also used at the Port of Dunkirk and at the Port of Le Havre.

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Adwane Chemicals Company opts for 8i CMMS Coswin software

Adwan Chemicals wishes to buy a CMMS to manage the maintenance of its production machines and equipement. This project is conducted in cooperation with our Algerian partner.

About Adwan Chemicals :
Adwan Chemical Industries is a private company established in Fornaka industrial zone in Mostaganem, Algeria. The company specializes in the production and sales of basic chemicals (industrial silica sand and flour, liquid sodium silicate, caustic soda and chlorine). These products are sold in more than 30 countries. The company is ISO certified and works with the latest available industrial software systems.

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CONFERENCE. November the 20 - 11:45 p.m.
Thermoforming - The Case Study

Through an unique application and decades of experience, Discover the multiple possibilities with the Technology that involves art & craft for a Technical transformation. A Large-scale production Exterior Body part, in the Agricultural Industry

Deepen your knowledge : Project Managers, Designers, Specialists by understanding the specifics of the technology.

A presentation by:
Mr. Thierry D'ALLARD - Chairman of the Management Board
Mr. Bernard MOREAU - Sales and Technical Manager

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World's Leading Plastic Engineering Company - Sunningdale Tech Ltd

Sunningdale Tech Ltd is a leading manufacturer of precision plastic components. The Group provides one-stop, turnkey plastic solutions, with capabilities ranging from product & mould designs, mould fabrication, injection moulding , complementary finishings, through to the precision assembly of complete products.

Boasting a total factory space of more than 4 million sq feet, with more than 1000 injection moulding machines (35 tons - 2800 tons) and a tooling capacity of 3,500 moulds per year, Sunningdale Tech is focusing on serving four key business segments – automotive, consumer/IT/environment, healthcare and tooling.

With manufacturing facilities across Singapore, Malaysia (Johor), China (Tianjin, Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhongshan), Indonesia (Batam), Thailand (Rayong), India (Chennai), Latvia (Riga) and Mexico (Guadalajara), Sunningdale Tech is strategically positioned to target and capture opportunities in diverse business sectors globally using 3rd party logistic partners.

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THERMI-DLC - Diamond Like Coating

THERMI-DLC - Diamond Like Coating

THERMI-DLC brochure in English

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THERMI-SP : Thermo Chemical Treatment for stainless steel

THERMI-SP: Thermo Chemical Treatment for stainless steel

THERMI-SP brochure

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Precision Mold making for injection molding from PORTUGAL

VL Moldes, Lda. is established since 1997 and located at Marinha Grande, Portugal. We are specialized in Technical precision injection moulds up to 5 Ton, single and multi- components moulds. We work mainly for the Automotive, Electric and Electronic industries.

From the development to the industrialization :
- Co-development part / critical analysis
- Mould Flow analysis
- Mould development
- Mould manufacturing
- Mould trial & pre-series
- Dimensional control: plastic part & steel
- Mould fine tuning
- After sales service

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We are proud to present our new desktop melting machine EasyMelt Air 1G. The machine’s compact dimensions and the new air cooling system best fit the needs of small workshops and jewelers. Our EasyMelt Air is easy to install, simple to operate and does not require water connection.

For more information about this product, please visit our website www.ultraflexpower.com or send us an e-mail at eusales@ultraexpower.com

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We have implemented new revolutionary, patented and low cost pressure casting technology in our UltraCast product. The process does not require Crucibles or Rings. Ceramic ask combines crucible, ask and vacuum-pressure chamber for easy casting. The machine has reliable, modular system, easy to maintain and service.

Instructional videos available at www.ultraexpower.com and www.youtube.com

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YUKI Précision SAS sets up in Lyon

In May 2015, YUKI Précision SAS was setup at Lyon as a portal to the French aerospace industry. Native localized staff is experienced in business development for communication efficiency in both French and English. Through this office, we will actively promote Japanese quality manufacturing to the EU high-tec industries.

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