MIDEST | The global show for all industrial subcontracting know-how | 6th to 9th December 2016 | Paris Nord Villepinte - France

International pavilions in MIDEST

A total of 700 international companies from 44 countries exhibited last November in MIDEST.
25 official national stands were included amongst the "national and regional participation" sector, which will reveal the range of know on offer from different countries and the wealth of what is available.

Midest is supported by a host of international organizations, confirming its reputation as the ‘Global show case for industrial subcontracting’.
These international organizations (governments; state organizations, embassies, associations, trade bodies) support the exhibitors who are linked to them and work with them to reach their goals.
Highlight your expertise and know-how under the banner of your flag country or regional flag! Save your time, concentrate on showing the best of your offer and take benefit of the advantages of exhibiting in your National Pavilion.


The Bourse de Sous-traitance et de Partenariat de l’Ouest (UNIDO SPX member), with the support of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of SME’s, in cooperation with the four Algerians UNIDO SPX centers working regionally, organizes the Algerian pavilion in Midest 2014.

Your contact in Algeria:

Bourse de Sous-traitance et de Partenariat de l’Ouest
5 Boulevard du Zirout Youssef bloc D5
31 000 Oran - Algeria
Tel: 00213 41401264 - Fax: 00213 41401296 - www.bstpo.org
Contact: Mr Wissam Bouali - E-mail: direction@bstpo.org


The Wallonia Export and Investment Agency (A.W.E.X.) and Flanders Investment and Trade (F.I.T.), with support of AGORIA, are the organizers of the Belgium participation at MIDEST 2014.

THE WALLOON EXPORT AND FOREIGN INVESTMENT AGENCY (AWEX) aims at enhancing and improving walloon companies for export and promoting the walloon products and know-how among foreign companies.

Your contact:

A.W.E.X Agence Wallonne à l’Exportation
Place Sainctelette 2 - 1080 Bruxelles - Belgium
Tel : 0032 24218450 - Fax : 0032 24218537 - Web: www.awex.be
Contact: Mrs Marie Anne Libert - ma.libert@awex.be

Promoting sustainable worldwide trade and commerce

  • Assisting foreign businesses sourcing Flemish suppliers of quality goods and services in a wealth of sectors
  • Helping foreign businesess find Flemish partners for various types of business relationships
  • Identifying, advising, guiding and supporting foreign businesses looking to set up or expand operations in Flanders
  • Offering specific high-quality services through our home and foreign-based network

  • Your contact:

    Flanders Investment and Trade
    Koning Albert II - Laan 37 - 1030 Bruxelles - Belgium
    Tel : 0032 25048851 - Fax : 0032 25048899
    www.fitagency.be - info@export.vlaanderen.be
    Contact: Mme Hilda DEBIE - hilda.debie@fitagency.be


    C.C.C.M.E., C.C.P.I.T. M.S.C. and CMEC are the organizers of the Chinese participation in MIDEST 2014.
    Founded in July 1988, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (CCCME) is a self-discipline and nationwide trade organization, formed jointly and voluntarily by various economic organizations registered in accordance with law in the People's Republic of China and engaged in import and export of machinery & Electronic products and related activities. Now it has more than 6,500 members.

    In the past years, CCCME has always followed the guideline of serving its member enterprises and the cause of foreign trade and exercised its function of coordination and self-discipline so as to safeguard the interests of its members and relevant industry, act as a good staff and assistant to the government, help its members to explore the international market, bridge the government and the enterprises and promote the consistent and healthy development of the trade and investment of machinery & electronic products.

    China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Machinery Sub-Council (referred to as CCPIT MSC) & China Chamber of International Commerce, Machinery Chamber of Commerce (referred to as CCOIC MCC) , founded in 1988, is the largest organization in China for promoting international trade and economic & technical cooperation in the field of machinery industry.
    CCPIT MSC, as a non-profit organization, was authorized by Chinese government to organize international exhibitions, conferences and seminars at home and abroad.
    Main Business : International Exhibition, International Consulting, International Communication & Cooperation, International Training

    With 50 years experience in exhibition organization and its professional personnel, CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. can organize and execute different international expositions, and provide exhibitors with integrated and qualified services. Through many years' hard work, it has become a famous and professional player in exhibition business in China now.

    Your contact in China:

    Room A510, Nan Xin Cang International Plaza,
    No. 2, Dong-Si-Shi-Tiao Street, Eastern District, Beijing, 100007, China
    Tel: 0086-13501150493 - Fax: 88-86-10-64096471
    Contact: Mr Yuqi Wang - E-mail: ccpitbj@gmail.com


    The Czech Trade Promotion Agency was established by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic in May 1997. CzechTrade´s main objective is to promote international trade and cooperation between Czech and foreign companies.
    CzechTrade´s professional information, assistance and consulting services accompany Czech exporters to foreign markets, and the agency is a contact partner for firms entering the Czech market, seeking interesting and reliable business partners and suppliers.
    CzechTrade delivers free and confidential services that represent a reliable and time-saving way of building your business relationships.


    Hungarian National Trading House is the Hungarian government’s Investment and Trade Development Agency, established by the (then) Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to promote international economic relations and business endeavours having direct impacts on the development of the Hungarian economy.

    Building on our knowledge of the Hungarian economy and market, as well as the formal and informal relationships with government offices and businesses developed through the years, Hungarian National Trading House is in a position to offer a unique service, primarily to small and medium-sized enterprises and investors. Our extensive network of highly skilled teams located in eight Hungarian offices and 55 international bureaus in 43 countries gathers and distributes valuable information by maintaining close ties with state and regional government authorities, local businesses and international partners.

    Our official agent for Hungary is:

    Mac-Line Hungary Ltd
    H-6726 Szeged, Fürj u. 92/b.
    Tel: +3662430861 - Fax: +3662430861
    Contact: Mr Tibor Fazakas - E-mail: macline@ekopark.hu
    Indo-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry
    B-5 Venkatesh Chambers - Prescot Road
    Fort Mumbai 400 001 - India
    Tel: 00 91 22 2206 4660 - Fax: 00 91 22 2206 4619
    Contact: M. Arun Kumar Rai - E-mail: arun.kumar.rai@ifcci.org.in


    The Italian pavilion is organised by Reed Exhibitions Italy with the participation of ICE Paris. The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE), also known as Italian Trade Commission, is the government agency entrusted with promoting trade, business opportunities and industrial co-operation between Italian and foreign companies. It operates through 115 branch offices in over 86 countries in the world.

    Your contact for the Italian pavilion:

    Reed Exhibitions ISG Italy Srl
    Via Marostica 1 - 4th floor - 20146 Milano - Italy
    Tel : 00 39 02 43517.1 - Fax : 00 39 02 34538795 - www.reedexpo.it
    Contact: Mrs Cristina MAZZA - cristina.mazza@reedexpo.it

    Based in Torino, Italy, *Piemonte Agency for Investments, Export and Tourism* is the key reference point for foreign enterprises wishing to come to know about the local economic system, looking for information on business opportunities in the area and searching for a quality business destination for direct investment.
    The Agency was created by public institutions, business associations and the academic world, so as to strengthen the international role of the territory. It gathers the expertise of several bodies that have played roles in inward and outward internationalisation and focuses chiefly on attracting foreign direct investment, increasing the presence of local companies and their competitiveness on international markets, promoting the region’s tourist offer and products worldwide, training managers and officers in foreign trade. www.centroestero.org

    The *Torino Chamber of Commerce* plays a key role in fostering the growth of the local economy which it enhances through effective and targeted initiatives for nearly 220,000 companies working in the Province. Foreign companies can contact the Chamber's offices to obtain information about starting a business in the Torino Province or finding a potential partner in a number of sectors (automotive, aerospace, environment, Ict, etc.)

    Centro Estero per l’Internazionalizzazione
    Via Ventimiglia 165 - 10127 Turin - Italy
    Tel: 0039 0116700638 - Fax: 0039 0116965456 - www.centroestero.org
    Contact: Mrs Cristina Marietti - cristina.marietti@centroestero.org

    Camara di Comercio di Torino
    Via San Francesco da Paola 24 - 10123 Torino - Italy
    Tel: 0039 01157161 - Fax: 0039 0115716363 - www.to.camcom.it
    Contact: Mrs Gabriella Battagliotti - comm.estero@to.camcom.it

    Pro-Brixia, branch office of the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia, promotes and supports small and medium-size companies of its territory on international markets by offering a full range of promotional services.
    Upon agreement with the Lombardy Region, Pro-Brixia has been appointed as the official organizer of the participation of Lombardy companies at Midest 2008.

    Branch Office of the Chamber of Commerce
    Via Einaudi, 23 - 25121 Brescia – Italy
    Phone: 0039/030/3725325 - Fax: 0039/030/3725330 - www.probrixia.it
    e-mail: estero@probrixia.camcom.it

    The Foreign Trade Office of Umbria Chambers of Commerce is a no-profit organization founded in 1969 by the Chambers of Commerce of Perugia and Terni, in partnership with the Regional Government, private banks, trade, craft and industry associations, aiming at creating and supporting the international development of umbria region’s SMEs and regional economy. The organization works to create contacts and new opportunities for local companies and potential foreign partners to embark on effective, profitable relationships. Promotional activities, planned and implemented by proved and tested working methods, involve business meetings between foreign and local delegations, economic missions, international fairs, participation to international projects for industrial co-operation. The information service helps Umbrian companies interested in commercial and industrial internationalization providing them with macroeconomic data and information on foreign markets.

  • Organize groups of companies wishing to exhibit in specialized international fairs;
  • Assist companies in marketing operations, carry out trade missions and promotional campaigns;
  • Provide advisory services and technical assistance for the development of tailor-made industrial cooperation projects (know-how transfer and establishment of joint-ventures);
  • Inform and help companies to take part in European Programmes aimed at enhancing industrial cooperation among Italian and foreign SMEs;
  • Carry out projects for partners research in mutual cooperation with other international organizations;
  • Participate in European programmes together with foreign Chambers of Commerce, particularly in the automotive field.


    C.M.P.E., F.I.M.M.E. and B.N.S.T.P. are organizing the official Moroccan participation in Midest 2013.

    Your contacts in Morocco:

    BNSTP Bourse Nationale de Sous-Traitance et de Partenariat
    26 rue d’Avesnes - 20300, Casablanca - Morocco
    Tel: 00212 2402841 - Fax: 00212 22404785 - www.bnstp.ma - bnstp@menara.ma
    Contact: M. Karim Sadki - ksadki@menara.ma

    Centre commercial Al Hadika, 3ème étage Appart. 46, Lotissement Hadika - Aïn Sebaâ Casabalanca
    Tel: 00212 22351303/07 - Fax: 00212 22351238 - www.fimme.ma
    Contact: M. Ali El Alaoui - fimme@menara.ma

    Maroc Export
    5 rue Sidi Belyout - 20000 Casablanca - Maroc
    Tel: 00212 22302210 - Fax: 00212 22301793 - www.cmpe.org.ma - cmpe@cmpe.org.ma


    The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ), helps investors to enter the Polish market and find the best ways to utilise the possibilities available to them. We guide investors through all the essential administrative and legal procedures that involve a project; we also support firms that are already active in Poland. We provide rapid access to the complex information relating to legal and business matters regarding the investments, help in finding the appropriate partners and suppliers, together with new locations.

    PAIiIZ’s mission is also to create a positive image of Poland across the world, promoting Polish goods and services.

    In order to provide the best possible service to investors we’ve established a network of Regional Investor Service Centres across Poland, which have as their goal improvement of the quality of a region’s investor services, also to ensure access to the latest information - such as, the latest investment offers and to regional micro-economic data. These specialist Bureau’s hire professionals that have been trained by PAIiIZ and are financed by local authority funds. Another of their task is to work as links between the investors and local authorities.

    Your contact in Poland :

    Ul.Obroki 133 - 40-833 Katowice
    Tel: 0048 323 55 38 02 / 01 - Fax: 0048 323 55 38 00
    Contact: Mrs Barbara HALLER
    E-mail: b.haller@haller.pl - expo@haller.pl - Web: www.haller.pl


    The portuguese pavilion on MIDEST 2014 is going to be organized by ANEME
    ANEME is the Portuguese association that groups all the companies of the metallurgic and electromechanical sector.

    The Associação Nacional das Empresas Metalúrgicas e Electromecânicas, between other activities, aims at enhancing and improving portuguese companies for export and promoting the portuguese products and know-how among foreign companies.
    Promotes sustainable worldwide trade and commerce, the approach between companies, informing them about various products and producers.
    Assists foreign businesses sourcing Portugal suppliers of quality goods and services on the subcontracting sector. Helps foreign businesses find Portuguese partners for various types of business relationship.

    Your contact in Portugal:

    ANEME - Associação Nacional das Empresas Metalúrgicas e Electromecânicas
    Estrada do Paço do Lumiar – Pólo Tecnológico de Lisboa – Lote 13
    1600- 485 Lisboa / Portugal - Web: www.aneme.pt
    Tel : +351 217 112 740 Fax : +351 217 150 403 – E-mail: aneme@aneme.pt
    Contact: Mr. Rui SANTOS – E-mail: rui.santos@aneme.pt Cell phone: +351 966764360



    The ROMANIAN EMPLOYERS’ ASSOCIATION FROM MACHINE-BUILDING INDUSTRY, (FEPA-CM), was established in 1991, and as a member of Employers’ Federation from Romanian Industry (COMPIROM), is one of the most dynamic and resourceful business association in the line of machine- building industry.
    This industrial sector ranks the first, as part of the Romanian exports, and that fact made FEPA-CM to take further action in order to actively promote the technological means and resources of the Romanian players in the field.

    FEPA-CM is composed of two employers organizations having offices in Bucharest and Brasov, 140 companies are members and they represent the following production profiles:
  • machineries and equipment for oil power, chemical, metallurgical, mining, food, road construction industry
  • tractors and agricultural machines
  • trucks, busses, trolley-buses, micro-buses
  • automobiles
  • machinery
  • river and maritime ships
  • railway cars, locomotives
  • planes and aeronautical industry products
  • industrial steel structures, constructions, cranes, lifting and transportation machines;
  • bearing and boltings;
  • independent foundries or foundries belonging to a company.

    Among many other activities we promote in Romania and abroad information regarding the technical capabilities, quality assurance, comparative advantages of the associated members in order to increase export and international cooperation.
  • FEPA – CM
    357 Calea Grivitei, Bucharest, ROMANIA
    Tel: +40-21-224.0980 - Fax: +40-21-224.0978
    E-mail: fepa_cm@griro.ro - Internet: http://tpb.traderom.ro

    17 Apolodor Street, Bucharest, ROMANIA
    Tel : +40-21-318.5050 - Fax: +40- 21-311.1491
    E-mail: office@traderom.ro

    16 Ion Câmpineanu Street, Bucharest, ROMANIA
    TEL : +40-21- 401.0543/4 - Fax : +40-21- 315.0961


    The Slovak Pavilion at MIDEST is supported by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, the central body of the state administration of the Slovak Republic responsible for state industrial policy, trade policy and foreign trade. The Ministry promotes and coordinates trade cooperation with international organizations and integration institutions and supports Slovak exhibitiors at selected trade fairs and exhibitions.

    Official agent for Slovakia is:

    S.G.S. – EXPO, s.r.o.
    Sintavska 26 - 851 05 Bratislava
    Phone: +421 2 63537084-5 - Fax: +421 2 63537086
    E-mail: sgs@expo.sk - Web: www.expo.sk
    Contact: Mr Vladimir Schrötter


    The Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa coordinates the Spanish participation, with the Spanish Chambers of Commerce network, FUNDIGEX and under the ICEX supports.

    The Chamber of Commerce of Gipuzkoa Subcontracting Services enables and assists contractors from any part of the world to find reliable contact manufacturers. The Chambers of Commerce divulge the peculiarities of its local subcontracting companies and gather enquiries, requests for quotations, etc.… that are forwarded to the Chamber' members.

    Your contact in Spain:

    Cámara de Comercio de Gipuzkoa
    Avenida de Tolosa 75 - 20018 San Sebastián - Spain
    Tel: 0034 943000300 - Fax: 0034 943000275 - www.camaragipuzkoa.com
    Contact: Mr Iñigo Usandizaga - iusandizaga@camaragipuzkoa.com


    TAIWAN MOLD & DIE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (TMDIA) has been supporting Midest Taiwanese exhibitors since 2001.
    In 2007, 11 companies joined Taiwan Pavilion, organized by TMDIA.
    In 2008, there is no exception that TMDIA carries on playing their supportive role for Taiwanese exhibitors and expects to lead more companies to participate in Midest 2008.
    According to the company profiles of Midest 2013 Taiwanese exhibitors, their customer markets cover, mainly, automotive, furniture, electronics, telecom and office automation, which echoes the position of this trade show. Moreover, this also reflects the current condition of Taiwan industry development: automotive and electronics are fast growing industries in Taiwan.

    Your contact in Taiwan:

    Add.: 4F-11, No.9, Dehuei Street, Taipei, 10461, Taiwan
    Tel : 886-2-25982630 ext102 - Fax : 886-2-25982650
    Contact: Mrs Sharie CHAN
    E-mail: sharie-chan@wesexpo.com.tw - Web: www.wesexpo.com.tw


    The CBI - Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries is an agency set up by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    Since 1971, the CBI has supported the export of non-traditional products and services from developing countries to the EU with a common goal: to ensure business success. In this way, the CBI seeks to contribute to the economic independence of the participating developing countries.

    Your contact:

    Beursplein 37, 5th Floor - PO BOX 30009 - 3001 DA Rotterdam - Pays-Bas
    Tel: 0031 102013434 - Fax: 0031 104114081 - www.cbi.eu
    Contact: M. Cor Dieleman - cbi@cbi.eu

    TUNISIA - Pays à l'honneur sur MIDEST 2014

    CEPEX organizes the National Tunisian pavilion.
    The Tunisian Export Exchange, a hub for all those involved in export and houses all the relevant export promotion institutions including the Tunisian Export Promotion Centre (CEPEX), the Tunisian Union of Trade, Industry & Handicrafts (UTICA), the Tunisian Union of Agriculture & Fisheries (UTAP) and the Exporters Club.
    In addition to exhibition and conference facilities, exporters have the benefit from a One Stop Shop covering information and facilitation services of customs, Central Bank, trade, transport, telecommunications and insurance.

    The main missions of CEPEX consist of:
  • To contribute to the development of Tunisian exports
  • To contribute to the implementation of the national policy of foreign trade
  • To prospect foreign markets
  • To advise and guide Tunisian exporters
  • To assist and orient foreign importers
  • To disseminate trade information (publications, exporter’s library, database :Tasdir-Net and Tunisian Trade Point : TTP)
  • To organize promotional events ( trade fairs, exhibitions, trade missions)
  • To initiate training programmes
  • Your contact in Tunisia:

    Maison de l’exportateur - Centre urbain Nord
    BP 225 - 1080 Tunis - Tunisie - www.cepex.nat.tn
    Contact: Mr Ghazi Yacoub - gyacoub@tunisiaexport.tn


    Thanks to its excellent geo-strategic location and its socioeconomic qualities, Turkey belongs to the emerging markets of the world. Istanbul, enjoying all the advantages of its position as a bridge between two continents by joining East and West; the cultural heritage accumulated in this long history, remained for over a thousand years as one of the most important centers of world trade.

    Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC), has been taking upon the pioneering role for commercial progress of Istanbul and Turkey since 1882, is proud to develop and enhance cooperation of trade in the professional business world with its expert personnel, venturing spirit, and policy based on integrity and equitability.

    ICOC has 283.000 active members, representing almost ¼ of all companies established in Turkey, contributing to 42% of all tax revenues, generating 22% of the GNP, realizing almost 55% of Turkey’s export and 58% of Turkey’s import according to last 12 years’ results.

    With the consciousness of its reputation, ICOC functions with the quality policy of member-oriented management mentality, institutional respectability, effective service, respect and care for human and environment.

    Among its broad range of activities, ICOC has been organizing and participating to fairs all around the world since 1960’s. Thanks to its growing market, skilled labor force and competitive industry, Turkey has been impressively represented by the leading manufacturers at Midest since 1991.

    Turkey will once again offer rewarding and beneficial opportunities to establish excellent business contacts to the visitors of Midest 2009 with its dynamic and competitive subcontracting sector exhibitors.

    Your contact in Turkey:

    Chambre de Commerce d’Istanbul
    Resadiye Cad - Eminonu - 34112 Istanbul - Turkey
    Tel: +90 212 455 6115 - Fax: 0090 2125201526
    Contact: Mrs Basak Acar - E-mail: basak.acar@ito.org.tr