MIDEST | The global show for all industrial subcontracting know-how | 6th to 9th December 2016 | Paris Nord Villepinte - France

Make sure you stand out!

Inform customers and highlight your presence

You exhibit at Midest - Make it known

MIDEST 2014: it's for you the ideal opportunity to promote your company to all of your actual and potential cutomers and to meet them at your stand.
The "before-during-after" propositions will guide you to choose the right promotion at the right time.

  • A must: the show newspaper, VIP entry badge, show catalogue,...
  • On the Midest website: Banners, medium rectangles, buttons, sponsor the mailing,...
  • During the show: wall plans, distribution at the show entrance,...
  • Communication package: logo package, web package,...

  • The show newspaper: massive added-value

    120,000 copies of the Show Newspaper are mailed out in October and 40,000 copies are distributed at the show, making it a high quality vehicle for raising your profile amongst a broad range of French and international customers.

    > from €500

    Invite your customers to MIDEST

    The invitations entitle the holders to free entry to the show.
    Every visitor likes to get one and they promote the image of both exhibitors and the show.

    100 invitation cards are included as part of the participation fees and will be sent directly.

    > €100 per batch of 100 invitations

    Make a fuss of your best customers and prospects

    Offer them a VIP entry badge for MIDEST and a series of special benefits (lounge, cloakroom, working area, refreshments).

    15 VIP badge are included as part of the participation fees.

    > €120 for 20 VIP badges

    The show catalogue: a tool that is used all year long

    Benefit from a presentation of your company and your know-how by listing your customer markets, your activities, a text written by yourself, your company name in colour and bold type, photos, a logo... and increase your visibility even further by adding a page of advertising.

    > from €9

    Stand out on www.midest.com

    Banners, medium rectangles or buttons…
    Choose your format and the page on www.midest.com where you will be on show (home, exhibitor list, badge request…)
    > from €500

    Catch the eye in the exhibitor list

    Logo, bold type in colour, sponsored link in the results list for searches by activity…

    > from €100

    Make sure customers carry you around in their pockets

    Stand out on the show mobile application.
    Logo on your presentation page, highlight in the list of exhibitors and on the floorplan,...
    > from €300

    Target your e-mails

    Contact preregistered customers before they come to the show.
    Select 500 pre-registered visitors by activity, function… and we will send them your message (text + logo). > from €500

    Sponsor the mailing of the electronic badges

    Place your text and logo on the e-mail sent to visitors with their personal badge.
    > from €1,500

    Use the plans to guide visitors to your stand

    The visitor plan (40,000 copies available at the entrances), wall plans (10 located around the show) or plans on the floor (8 located around the show)…

    Ensure you are present on these tools that visitors will use to find you.
    > from €90

    Welcome every visitor as they enter the show

    Make your literature, bags, lanyards… available to visitors at the show’s two entrances in order to guide them straight to you as soon as they arrive.
    > from €1,000

    Map out the route directly to your stand

    Use tiles bearing a graphic of your choice (80 x 80 cm) stuck to the floor to help visitors locate your stand quickly.
    > from €600

    Secure a high profile presence

    Place your image on the turnstiles and the escalators at the South entrance for an immediate impact as visitors arrive at the show.

    > from €1,300

    Communication package

    Simplicity, variety and performance at an attractive price

    Communicate your presence effectively before and during the show using a variety of tools to achieve optimum visibility and benefit from a 50% discount on the price of these products.

    The Targeted Package

    Have a presence before and during the show

    50 nominative VIP badges 
    • Display of company name in bold in the exhibitors list of the show map 
     • 500 e-mail messages with your logo to your selection of pre-registered visitors 
    100 paper invitation cards. 
     €495 excl. VAT

    The Web package

    Reach the 300,000 visitors to www.midest.com

    • Clickable Button (120x60 pixels) on the Exhibitors list page 
    • Your logo on in the list of exhibitor search results on www.midest.com 
    Company name highlighted in bold and colour in the list of exhibitors search results.
    > € 450 excl. VAT

    The Logo Package

    To be sure you are seen by everyone and everywhere

    Show map (1 logo) 
    Wall plans (1 logo) 
    Floor plans (1 logo) 
    Your presentation page on the Internet catalogue (1 logo) 
    • The list of exhibitor search results on www.midest.com (1 logo)
    Mobile app presentation page (1 logo)
    >  € 1,450 excl. VAT

    The Optimum Package

    To convey your image before, during and after the show

    Printed catalogue (1 page) 
    Show map (1 page) 
    Wall plans (1 logo) 
    Floor plans (1 logo) 
    Catalogue (H190 x W135mm or H135 x W190mm) 
    Internet (1 logo on your presentation page on the Internet catalogue) 
    2 floor tiles (80 x 80cm) 
    • Highlight of your company name in the exhibitor's list on the mobile app. 
    Your logo on the presentation page of your company and highlight on the show floor plan on the mobile app. 
    >  € 4,075 excl. VAT

    Need advice?

    Our team is on hand to help you find the right product for your requirements.
    Contact your MIDEST sales manager by phone: +33 (0)1 47 56 52 34.