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Launched in June 2011, during the Bourget Airshow, Aeronewstv is the first general-interest WebTV entirely devoted to aeronautics. This free information portal, on film, is addressed to anyone and everyone interested in the sector. Each week-day, Monday to Friday, a report is put on line by a team of journalists.
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The foundry industry is relevant to you in your capacity as a user or supplier. If you are looking for rigorous, objective information, the magazine "Fonderie Fondeur d’aujourd’hui" is an ideal source for you. In its bilingual format, it presents the latest results in foundry research carried out by CTIF and highlights its increasingly marked international vocation. Keep up to date with its features on the latest technical developments, the products and services presented for the industry. Increase your industrial potential with the “Strategy” section. www.ctif.com

DeviceMed France is the leading trade magazine and digital media platform that serve the manufacturers of medical devices. The magazine is distributed to qualified professionals of the medical device manufacturing industry within France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

Eurotec is the leading magazine in microtechnology. Published six times a year in three languages (French, English and German) it allows advertisers to reach the whole Europe with a single targeted media outlet. Its rich and complete editorial content let readers be freely and comprehensively informed on trends linked to production and assembly in microtechnology.
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The Suppliers China Co., Ltd. (referred to as SC), relying on perfect China Foundry Suppliers Database, provides overseas casting buyers with purchasing service so as to help them improve their procurement efficiency.
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Italian magazine leading in new and used machine tools trading: www.industriale.it - international network with more than 7000 new and used machine tools available from the best european dealers
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Industrie Anzeiger is the advertising vehicle aimed at the managers of SMEs. Industrie Anzeiger delivers exclusive industry-relevant information concerning products, innovations and trends for the core mechanicla engineering, metal working and processing, automotive, electronics/electrical engineering and plastics processing industries.

La Lettre des Achats is the leading business review for corporate purchasing departments in France. The review has been regarded as a high-grade reference for information and decision by corporate purchasing departments for over 10 years.
La Lettre des Achats primarily targets the management of any purchasing activity and the organisation of the departments.

Maintenance & Entreprise, the magazine of the services in the industry brings the essential information in all the key sectors of the industry where the maintenance constitutes a strategic function. In every number you will find the news of the function maintenance, reports on industrial sites of production and meetings with the professional actors, and information about products and services for the providers which facilitate the practice of the maintenance on a daily basis.

METAL INDUSTRIES is the most consulted monthly review in the field of sheet metal, wire, structural steel and tube work.
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MTM Machine Tool Market
After having been launched as a new voice and an innovative tool, MTM strengthens its will to establish a direct connection between the offer and the demand of machine tools.Database is divided into over 350 merchandise categories which are regularly verified and revised, in order to best target the mailing to the readers. The website www.mtm-online.it is continuously updated for all the operators working in the field of manufacturing and trade of new and second-hand machine tools, mechanical working, sub-supply, mould production and metal moulding, sheet metal processing, automation, instruments and components manufacturing.”

MTM Subfornitura
mtm subfornitura is a bimonthly magazine published in Italian and English language aimed to promote new relationships and work orders between client industries - in Italy and other countries - and the great and multi-faceted world of the Italian subcontracting sector. While the focus of the manufacturing industry is increasingly shifting towards the East, the subcontracting sector has to adapt to the new trends. With this consideration in mind, the decision to also publish the magazine in English is just one of the many innovative aspects of mtm subfornitura.

SALONS NEWS is the first and the only magazine and web dedicated to the promotion and information of trade shows in France and Arab countries. SALONS NEWS targets heads and managers of small and medium enterprises and institutions in FRANCE and Arab countries wishing to develop business relationships with their counterparts in France and Europe by participating in trade shows.

The technical magazine, Technomarket, issued every two months,has been especially designed to meet business development needs by means of facilitating equipments, appliances and outfits, purchasing or selling and identifying partnerships and financial assistance opportunities, emerging technologies, new legal frameworks and advertising and promoting events such as fairs and exhibitions.

TOLERIE Magazine is talking about sheetmetal work.
Tolerie is a monthly magazine (10 issues per year), including :
The Builder's Guide : information and pursachasing tool. It lists 450 french and foreign builders, 1500 machines. Easy to consult, includes three indexes per product, builder and seller.
For more information, you can visit the web site : www.tolerie-mag.com

“T&T-Tehnica si Tehnologie” is the leading technical magazine for the people involved in the management and technical coordination of the Romanian industry companies. Positioned as the premium specialized technical magazine, « T&T-Tehnica si Tehnologie » has the most numerous public at the Romanian industry level. According to T&T surveys, each issue is read by more than 20,000 engineers and managers of the foreign and Romanian industrial companies.
T&T magazine is the best promotion media to target decision makers in the Romanian industry.
T&T does the best job reaching the whole buying team, including hard-to-reach executives, purchasing decision makers and engineering professionals who are active influencers in buying and investing in capital goods. The unique editorial concept is based on themes with practical and applicative value, providing information about the new existing technologies and equipments on the Romanian and international market.

L’Usine Nouvelle, founded in 1891, provides company decision-makers with all economic news and information they require regarding people, companies, markets and technologies.
Every Thursday, L’Usine Nouvelle addresses the various aspects of the business world and gives its 432,000 working executive readers (IPSOS FCA 2003) the key facts of actuality.

SF EXPO is the leading surface finishing exhibition in Asia.
In 2016, it will be held in Chongqing, the new emerging market of China. Professionals will have a unique opportunity to explore the big market in West China. With the joint efforts from government association, SF EXPO is expected to hold a number of national conference and event.

Of Week China
OFweek is a comprehensive web portal in China's high-tech industry with 1,000,000 members across various industries. It delivers real-time industry events, in-depth analysis on hot issues, and market research reports of every industry. OFweek launches a variety of online and offline campaigns for the high-tech industry each year.

LI – Lavaggio, Pulitura e Vibrofinitura Industriale has originated from the hypothesis that the technological evolution of these processes of surface preparation is so rich and complex to require a specialistic and technical magazine addressed to the engineers of the sector.

Recubrimientos lndustriales works in the field of surface treatments, organic and industrial coating.
The magazine informs, represents and, in a word, gives a voice, if it is possible, in order to stimulate a discussion with the users of technique and industrial technologies for the surface treatments, in particular the organic coating. This is a group of entrepreneurs and technicians involved in all sectors of metalworking and plastic materials. They offer with their work a great added value to the products, protecting them from the assaults of time and environment and improving them aesthetically in order to make them desired by the consumers and meet their quality requirements.

Verniciatura Industriale for 40 years has been serving the diffusion and prompt circulation of knowledge within the sector of surface treatment and pursues its continuous aims recognized by readers, in order to improve the quality of the contents of our articles, so that they can be a vehicle which is responsive to the information and to the communication needs of the entrepreneurs and technicians dealing with the surface treatment and, in particular, painting.
It is as defence of the sector’s interests, not only a simple showcase, but also tool – at times troublesome – for the debates and circulation of the ideas and knowledge.

The Giesserei-Praxis is one of the oldest and most popular trade magazines for the foundry industry. Reports comprehensive and up to date on all changes in the foundry industry - always focused on the operational practice. The magazine Druckguss is integrated into the magazine Giesserei-Praxis and will appear within this three times a year as an independent trade magazine. Of course, interesting information from the field of die-cast will be included in other issues.
Our editor in Chief is Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Polzin.